Efficient integration with 3rd party mailing house systems can often be an expensive challenge.
In response to this issue, RW Pierce has developed the Mailsync integration suite to deliver customer advantage.

Making the outsourcing of mail production secure, efficient & easy.

Outsourced Mail:

Current Difficulties

  • Implementation lead-times
  • Data Protection Compliance
  • Manual Processing
  • Business Contingency


Efficient Solutions

  • Mailsync development is FASTRead more
  • Mailsync facilitates Data ProtectionRead more
  • Automated data processingRead more
  • Compatibility with 3rd party systemsRead more

About Mailsync

Mailsync was developed to streamline mail production at RW Pierce. Its versatility enabled RW Pierce to integrate with leading 3rd party technologies, and in turn, deliver efficient solutions to client needs.
Today the Mailsync portfolio includes:

  • Secure Data Transfer tools
  • Automated Data Processing and Data Transformation
  • Document (e.g. 10,000 page PDF) Processing & Editing
  • Variable Data Document Generation
  • Integration with Copy-VaultRead more
  • RW Pierce’s secure printing and mail fulfilment operations
  • Integration with 3rd party production Read more
  • e-mail / sms distribution of personalised contentRead more
  • Integration with Pierce-Books Read more
  • Returns ManagementRead more


Integration with Mailsync

Mailsync automation enables

  • Individual user documents to be added to the user’s private Copy-Vault storage.
  • E-mail or SMS alerts to notify each user that a new document is available
  • Automatic processing of Data files uploaded to Copy-Vault by clients


Integration with Mailsync

Mailsync system allows Pierce-Book publications to be:

  • distributed by e-mail
  • delivered to a target group, within a larger postal mailing
  • delivered to users, as part of a sign-up campaign

System Functionality

Mailsync was developed by RW Pierce and has been continually enhanced over the past 15 years in response to client requirements. It is built on our process automation engine and incorporates:

  • Secure Data Transfer ToolsRead more
  • Interfaces for a vast number of Data Sources & Targets Read more
  • Automated data transformation & manipulation workflowsRead more
  • Variable Data Document GenerationRead more
  • Multi-Channel Hybrid OutputRead more
  • Returns ManagementRead more
  • Automated Data Purge ProcessRead more

* or other client specified retention period

Mailsync provides greatest advantage when you have customised distribution requirements, including:

  • market segmentation
  • data integration with 3rd party systems
  • security documents (e.g. personalised ID cards)
  • multiple personalised items
  • multi-channel distribution
  • analytic tracking of user engagement

Reporting & Security

As each Mailsync solution is customised, we tailor the recording of specific analytics to your requirements. As standard, our production data facilitates reporting of:

  • itemised packing validation (for mail packs)
  • delivery channel & send time/date
  • non-deliveries (i.e. bounced messages and returned mail)
  • consolidated monthly reporting packs

Mailsync data processing and mail production is undertaken within our secure facilities at Co Antrim and Co Kildare.

Both facilities are certified to ISO27001 and we operate an ongoing scheme of internal audit, external ISO audit and client stakeholder audit vetting to maintain our approved supplier status.

More details about how we approach data protection and security can be found here

Mailsync is designed to streamline the production of mailing projects.
If you produce daily office mail, our Postgreen system may be deliver greater financial savings.