Users expect information to be available on-line 24 x 7.
The challenge for data owners to provide this while remaining compliant with Data Protection and Privacy Legislation.


Cloud Storage – Engineered for Security, Designed for Users

Distribution and Archival:

Current Difficulties

  • Cost of printing and postal distribution
  • Time & Cost of re-issuing critical documents
  • Cost of developing custom portal systems
  • Security implications of portal to back-office systems


Efficient Solutions

  • Reduce Costs – Eliminate PostageRead more
  • Eliminate need to re-issue critical documentsRead more
  • Fast development time – Your  vault can be ready in hoursRead more
  • Eliminates the security risk of back-office integrationRead more

About Copy-Vault

Copy-Vault provides users with self-service access to their:

  • Payslips.
  • Statements
  • & other Confidential Documents

Additional functionality:

  • track user access to corporate information
  • work collaboratively with 3rd parties
Copy-Vault gives users secure self-service access to files & documents on desktop computers or any web-enabled device.

  • Easy to View and Download documents/files
  • Web Browser and FTP Access
  • Branded Client Portal
  • Email Notifications
  • Outlook Integration
  • Search Facility

Copy-Vault is:

  • built on industry leading technology.
  • integrated with Mailsync, using APIs
  • Available as an on-site, customer hosted solution.

Features include:

  • Strong EncryptionRead more
  • Monitor & ReportingRead more
  • HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, or WebDAVRead more
  • Multi-site capabilityRead more
  • Granular User PermissionsRead more
  • Syslog Output RecordingRead more

Test Drive Copy-Vault

Log in using the details below to try our Copy-Vault demo

Username = rwpierce-demo
Password = 123456

Copy-Vault is part of RW Pierce’s Mailsync portfolio.
RW Pierce provides secure and confidential; printing, mailing and associated services from two production sites in Ireland.
We have been accredited to ISO27001 & ISO9001 since 2008.