RW Pierce has printed cheques for Irish Banks since 1964.
Technology and people may have changed – but our core value of preventing fraud remains.
Since 2007, over 99% of our cheques have been manufactured on high-security watermarked cheque paper.

Cheques & Giros

For business users

Our Accreditations

Cheques remain a preferred payment method for a number of applications and users. As paper documents, they are vulnerable to criminal interference and need protection from counterfeiting & unauthorised editing.

We are authorised to manufacture cheques and giros for use in the UK and Irish clearing bank systems.

Our accreditations include:

  • the UK’s Cheque & Credit Clearing Company’s “Cheque & Giro Printer Accreditation Scheme” (CPAS certification number 9557)
  • APACS55 – a mandatory requirement for CPAS.
  • ISO27001 – a mandatory requirement for CPAS.

Our Cheques

It is a well known fact that criminals prey on ‘easy’ targets. The same is true with cheque fraud.

For this reason, we have developed all of our cheques to contain both mandatory and enhanced security/anti-fraud protection, to 1. deter attempted fraud and 2. aid identification of fraudulent attempts.
The Mandatory Features

  • Reactive Security Ink
  • Invisible UV fluorescence (primary & secondary)
  • Complex Guilloche Design
  • UV-Dull Cheque Paper

Our Enhanced Features

  • Microtext – authenticity validation feature
  • Watermark Paper* – authenticity validation feature
  • 1 x additional Reactive Ink – to maximise the evidence of different types of tampering
  • Enhanced Toner bonding coatings – proven to make laser infill more resistant to tampering

(* except Pressure Seal cheques)

Cheques are available in a range of formats, and then designed/branded to client requirements. They are normally bespoke manufactured at time order, subject to necessary bank approvals.


Our Mailsync technology is at the heart of our cheque payment mailing service.